While the Flag Stands Tall….

Yesterday, I took a road trip down to Hanover, PA and I noticed that there were so many american flags lined up along the sides of the road. With Memorial day being close by, I could perfectly understand that. This is a time to remember our fallen heroes and the people who have risked their lives to fight for us and maintain order for us everywhere.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t rely on just one day to bring that gratitude and memorial into public attention. I understand that people have various ways of honoring and remembering, but the service and dedication that these men and women have provided for us should have more significance than just one day on the calendar (Ok ,ok, Veteran’s Day is kind of a second day, but it doesn’t result in people being grateful for ACTIVE members most of the time). You can’t forget sacrifice, and the people that have given that deserve more respect.

So, with all of this being said. Let us take today to remember the people who have given their lives for our freedom, continue to fight to preserve our freedom, and who are constantly on the line helping to keep us safe. Thank you all, your acts are not going unnoticed, and we are really proud and honored to keep you all in our hearts.

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