Nashville Entries (Part 3)

Hey everyone!!

Today we conclude the  chronicles of my journey through Music City…….

And the sooner I stop talking like a action-fantasy movie, the better.

Wait a minute, maybe I should stick with that!

Through the dark times of the day, I arose my head to search for the beacon of light that would keep my travels afloat….. never mind.

Anyway, I talked about the songwriting sessions that I had during my visit, but I didn’t really talk much about the rest of the downtime that I had. So I figure I’d fill you all in on that…. why not?

So, do you remember how in my first post about Nashville, I talked about how part of my visit was spent being a sight-seeing tourist? Well, during my downtime after my songwriting sessions, that was still true!

After going to all of the different places to eat during my stay, sometimes I’d randomly get my guitar and perform at Maxwell’s Lounge, located at the Millennium Maxwell House (my hotel).

All of the staff and the patrons over there were really nice and provided me with a friendly environment! I really need to thank each and every one of them who listened to me. These were the ultimate “improv” shows and I’m happy that I performed them!

The way that I can sum up my journey in Nashville is that it was a very positive experience. I learned a lot about the industry, worked with some great people, and met a lot of people that helped provide a silver lining on certain days that were harder than others. Going to a new place provides a lot of perspective on where you came from, and I’m going to use my knowledge to help make each day a better stepping stone for my career.

Thank you to everyone for reading, I hope you all enjoyed my summaries/journal entries about my trip. I can definitely promise you that I’ll go to more places and provide entries like these in the near future. Until then, keep rocking, and I’ll see you guys next week!



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