An in-depth look at ‘Savior’

Every time I play out somewhere and perform one of my songs, “Savior”, I notice a bit of a pattern: I notice the amount of engagement goes up and nearly every time after a show of mine, people ask me for the backstory behind the writing process of it (What inspired me, context, story, etc.), So, today, I’m giving an inside look on “Savior”.

I started writing this song in 2013 during my “Song a Day” challenge that I presented myself, and this took place around the time where the momentum was beginning to stop and I was going through a mental block. My head was in a roller coaster state of depression at the time, so I was left frustrated when I was hitting a dry spell with song ideas. I remember going to sleep on that night and I started having this dream……..

I was in a corridor that seemed like it was endless; I could see nothing but smoke and spiders all along the walls. I kept getting battered and knocked down by loose bricks on the foundation and it felt like the floor was about to cave in on me…… but then I saw a light.

It was very faint and was probably at least ten miles away, but I could see it. In this darkened place, it felt like no light could ever pass through and it almost became a figment of my imagination.  Trust me, the dream was THAT endless.

So, when I saw it, I started running toward it. I didn’t care that I could practically die in one false footstep, but I had the motivation to keep going. After about two or three steps, I woke up. I couldn’t believe what I just conjured up in my head, so I decided that I needed to write some of this imagery down. I didn’t know what I could do with it, but the amount of detail in my vision fascinated me.

While typing on my laptop, I decided to flesh out the story a little bit, having the song be a tale of rising up against the odds and obstacles against you, even if it’s yourself. To me, it’s always a positive to have faith and something to believe in (whether it’s religion, an idol, etc.). It can help invigorate the soul and provide the proper motivation to keep going and finish what you started. It was around that time I started to realize this, and I decided to make a song out of it to try to  motivate others out of their sorrow.

Everything has a silver lining, and if you keep climbing and going through all of the rough patches, you will find the true peace and resolution that you’re looking for. It’s all a part of life, and I hope that “Savior” can help motivate you the way that writing it motivated me.

Thank you all for reading, here’s a link to the music video!

See the new recording of “Savior” here:


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