98 Rock “Rock the Dock” All-Star Jam!

Here’s a little confession about myself: I really enjoy the Baltimore music scene. Even though the community can vary in numbers at times, it’s the bond that builds between everyone that is really inspiring to me.

And then there are times where we can go insane with creativity and enthusiasm………. this is where the All-Star Jam comes in!

The 98 Rock All-Star Jam is an event that happens twice a year where an army of musicians centered around Baltimore and other parts of Maryland get together to jam on some cover songs with other people from other bands.

I first got into this loop in the winter of 2012. One of my friends from a band called Nightsbridge invited me and a friend of mine in to play on a song. I had no idea what this event was, but due to my love of playing music, I couldn’t resist. I have played this event ever since then and have always enjoyed myself!

Last Thursday,  we were scheduled to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore for this year’s summer jam (The theme was “At The Movies”, featuring songs from movie soundtracks), but due to the possibility of rain, we were moved inside……….WITH CLEAR CLOUDS AND SUN IN THE SKY BY THE TIME I GOT THERE-I digress.

In terms of the actual event itself, it was a lot of fun, but my definite highlight of the night was singing “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. The reaction to that song was summed up perfectly by a friend of mine afterwards:

“You were performing that song in front of parents with little kids around. By the time you got off stage, you made them all curse!”

They didn’t curse, they chanted that curse. It was probably the loudest rally cry I have ever had!

The rest of my songs were awesome as well, this whole show never had a down moment, in my opinion. Some definite instances of this that I witnessed included the Power Rangers theme song, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Disappear, The Power of Love, Holding Out For a Hero, The Time of My Life, and……… honestly if I keep going, I’m going to draw out the whole setlist for you, because everything was just THAT awesome!

I want to thank all of the participants for always making this event fun, and I want to thank Matt Davis over at 98 Rock for MCing and putting the event together, and Kristin Lagana over at Victims of Experience for always doing a great job of managing song lineups and making sure everything goes smoothly come showtime!

The next post that I do will be a little different, as much as I like talking about music,  I want to open up a little more about myself as a person. I will see you guys soon, and remember to always support local music!



Loving the 80s with Jessie’s Girl in NYC (Part 2)

The seconds were counting down until the show started……..
The lights were shining……..
The intro music was booming…….
Jessie’s Girl were all in their lovably cheesy attire……
My outfit matched in no way whatsoever…….


When the band started off with a medley that included “Working For The Weekend” and “Anyway You Want It”, I knew that this was going to be a really good time! During these songs, people started packing up the place and the attendance looked like it was going to be huge. They were loving every note, every move on stage, and every little bit of energy that the band was showcasing.

I couldn’t wait to get on stage.

I saw the setlist beforehand, and it showed that I was going to be on three songs in the second half of the set. I had no problem with this because it allowed me to walk around and view the whole area of the place, but when I hit the second dressing room, I had to stop in my tracks!

The singers of the band that weren’t on stage at the time brought their wireless microphones and stands inside so that way they could help sing some harmonies for fun. When I saw this, I freaked out inside because I tend to have a habit of singing harmonies for songs that I hear either live or played on the radio (YES, I still listen to the radio, Apple fanatics can call me old fashioned, but I love it!). The band was playing “Nothing But a Good Time”, and one of the singers wanted me to join him on backups in the dressing room.

No matter how weird that last sentence sounded, it was pretty fun and hilarious to be a part of!

After some pretty fun instances that included me tossing up a giant bag of balloons on stage, I was ready to go up and sing. I was ready to sing Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”.
(Side note: A couple of people associated with the band said that I had a David Coverdale look, but I’m just going to assume that’s before all of his plastic surgery)

When I saw all of those people after my introduction to the stage, they were excited, pumped, and ready to hear me sing! “Here I Go Again” had it all: Cheering, crowd participation, sing-a-longs, wild applause! These are the kind of visions that I had when I dreamed about being a singer, and me being able to experience that with songs that I love is amazing!

To my surprise, when I came up to sing “Living On a Prayer” as a duet, the response was even greater! The chemistry between me and the band felt fresh and everyone was really happy and excited to be performing to such an excellent crowd.

“Don’t Stop Believing” was more of the same, except the people and the band were all the loudest that I have ever heard! The highs from this show stuck with me even as I crashed at the hotel at three in the morning.

I’ll catch up with you all soon! Until then, I’m going to watch a marathon of 80s music videos now. If you want to hear a good riff on one, check out Todd In The Shadow’s One Hit Wonderland on “Come On Eileen”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egXaa4I0SRg

Jessie’s Girl website: jessiesgirlnyc.com

Loving the 80s with Jessie’s Girl in NYC (Part 1)

Before we begin, I would first like to insert a little listed prologue of why this event actually happened:

-I performed a show
-Band sound checking on bigger stage sees me
-They reach out to me

The End.

I’m just screwing around, I wouldn’t be that stupid or careless.

Around a month ago, I was performing an acoustic set at Mex Tequila Works in Baltimore, Maryland’s own Power Plant Live when the band that was soundchecking on the Power Plant stage, Jessie’s Girl, came and stopped by at Mex to get a bite to eat. I didn’t notice at the time because I tend to get drenched into the music in my performances. A few days later, I found out that one of the members reached out to Mex to try and find out how to contact me. I talked to him, he was really nice and wondered if I could do a guest spot with Jessie’s Girl.

I said yes, and that’s how we’re here now.

When I first talked to Sky, the keyboardist and musical director, I did not realize that they performed at a regular basis in New York. He told me that they performed at a variety of other locations besides there, but what really caught me was the style of music that they play: 1980′s.

To those of you who don’t know, I have a huge love for music that came before my time, and the 1980′s, especially the pop and rock songs, is one of my favorite periods of time for music. Sure, there were a good bit of cheesy moments in it, but you know what? It was charm and energy of the music that made me truly respect it.

I was really looking forward to playing with Jessie’s Girl at Le Poisson Rouge, a venue located in the art-rich Bleecker Street. By the time I got there, I was hoping I would have a better time than earlier in the Big Apple. When I first got off of Penn Station, I walked for a good twenty minutes only to find out that I checked into the wrong hotel.

“Great start,  Marsh.” I thought to myself.

Aside from that drunken lapse, my first couple of hours in New York were pretty uneventful. But I didn’t come here as a tourist or to barhop (though the second option sounds like a really fun group idea in the future…) I came here for the show. I was ready to rock the house tonight with Jessie’s Girl!

After I walked inside of the venue, there was a huge line for another event that ran over its time, but I managed to meet everyone in and involved with the band beforehand. It made me feel a lot better knowing how nice and welcoming they were to me, I could feel the stress fading fast and the anticipation inside of me building.

Then came the outfit selection……. where do I begin?

I thought that I had a good outfit combination, modeling something that reminded me what Steve Whiteman from Kix would wear on stage. I had a sparkling leopard dress shirt with a polyester cover and black jeans with cowboy boots underneath, but then I heard this:

“Let’s make it crazier!”

I was given some stretch pants that were black with red skulls and crossbones decorating it. At first, this dress choice really confused me, as I was splitting my sides laughing at how stupid I looked, but then it hit me: this is the 80s we’re talking about here, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I fully embraced these pants with open legs, which sounds like some bad porno dialogue now that I think about it,


Jessie’s Girl- The World’s Hottest 80′s Tribute Band website:


Welcome, Everyone!

Hello everyone,

For those of you who don’t know who I am (and I’d be surprised, since I’m the one who directed you to this), my name is Marshall Stone. I’m a singer-songwriter, and this where you can find the latest information and updates from me in regards to my music, high-profile show announcements, editorials, and any all-around amusing or interesting stories.

While the main theme of this site is about music, I like to try and change it up a little to show the various sides of me that are prominent.  With every serious editorial post that is shown, you will also find more easygoing posts on other days. I am a man that has no time to be one-dimensional. I love to entertain, and my job on here is to do so!

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